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At JobsAndStaffing We give you the best platform to apply for Jobs, internships and projects along with list Jobs, internships and projects all on one easy to use platform. Our mission is to connect business to everyday life in a way that works.

We focus on being a meeting place for active, available business minded people (with their image) to meet and interact for current jobs, internships and projects all in one community.

Consumers can list projects and receive bids from qualified prospects. Look at the prospects photo, credentials and bids, then choose the best fit for their project

Employers can list a job or perform a resume check to fill a needed job position or project. Recruit an intern, or hire a freelancer, or contractor to bring their projects to life. Get to know the best candidates for their needs by viewing their image, resume and credentials.

Contractors and Freelancers can list credentials, business and personal image so that the right people can contact them for jobs and projects.

Being as detail as possible in describing themselves, their business and their area of specialization. This information can be important when being considered for a project.

*All projects are rated by the customer after completion and tagged to the performing business profile. Submitted online or by email.

Job seekers can upload or build their resume on our platform to allow the right employers and jobs sources to find them. Resumes can also be forwarded to any employer. A good and descriptive resume with a personal image is the key to getting hired.

Join JobsAndStaffing’s global community. It’s a place where anyone can come and find work and communicate their needs about jobs, internships, and projects to find that perfect fit.

  • Employers – Post an ad, and find the right candidates
  • Contractors – Add your business and get bids on projects.
  • Freelancers – Create your profile and get bids, quotes, or hourly rates for that projects
  • Job seekers – Create a resume and find the right job, or let employers find you.
  • Interns – Upload your resume and seek that internship
  • Consumers – List your project and hire a professional

Communicate your needs on a platform that works. Get up to date information about jobs, internships and projects, its the key to getting good results. Get a good overall perspective of who you’re going to hire before hand. Again seek that perfect hire from a platform that works for you. We make it easy. All Jobs, internships and projects can be arranged by traditional hire, quote or bid. Join us..

Trust JobsAndStaffing to help locate that job, find a candidate, hire that professional.
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